Warning sphere beacon

  • It is suitable for conventional earth wire and OPGW, and for phase conductor line. For the installation on OPGW it is required install first armour rods.
  • The design with a surface “Golf Ball” type, make lower wind resistance, till 20%, than the ones with smooth design.
  • The raw material is ABS coloured.
  • The spheres are produced with outer diameter of 600 mm, and there are the following colours: Orange and White. Exists the chance to combine half sphere of each colour.
  • The assembly over the conductor is made by a rubber (EPDM), suitable for the conductor diameter with two bolts per fixation clamp. Besides this the half spheres could be jointing with two or six additional fixations. The bolts are from stainless steel M10.
  • Each half sphere has draining holes.

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