Aluminium Ladder with Safety Devices for Steel and Concrete Poles

  • Suitable for climbing in salety circular-poligonal and rectangular too, pole structures.
  • The ladder is secured to the pole by special attachments that permit the ascent, from one section to the other, without fall risks.
  • Made of aluminium alloy with corrugated rungs, welded to the tubular side rails.
  • The ladder consist of a base and a top section and of many intermediate sections as required for the necessary climbing length.
  • The top section has two hooks that permit to position it on every rungs of the highest intermediate ladder section in order to reach the needed work height
  • The ladder is supplied with two antifall safety devices, one of wich for the top section and other for all the intermediate sections.
  • The devices, that are an important attachment point for the user safety bell, run along the ‘T’ guide rail placed on one side of the ladder and prevent operator accidental falls during the ladder ascent and descent.
  • The ladder can be supplied with a utility platform for the operator that has to stay for a long time on the top of the ladder.

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