String Protections

  • There are 3 types of protections:
    • Elements of protection against the arch: Its objective is to keep the electric arc away from the insulators to avoid deterioration. In this group the unloaders are included.
    • Elements of electric field distribution: Its objective is to evenly distribute the electric field along the string to avoid the appearance of the corona effect. In this group the rings are included.
    • Elements that combine both functions: Rackets and rings with sacrificial elements.
  • Pieces made of steel.
  • They can be manufactured in stainless steel, suitable solution for very corrosive environments


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  • The appearance of the corona effect depends on several factors:
    • Voltage of the line.
    • Atmospheric conditions (humidity, air density).
    • Number of conductors and diameter of the conductor.
    • Roughness / Irregularity of the surface.
  • Although voltage is not the only factor that influences the appearance of the corona effect, we can affirm that:
    • The lines <161 kV do not usually cause problems of corona effect being the use of the rackets optional rings
    • For lines> 161 kV it may be necessary to install electric field distribution elements.