PTL and HVS Polygonal Poles up to 800kV

  • Galvanized Steel monopoles for Transmission & Distribution
  • Constructed from High Tensile steel conforming to BSEN 10025, S-355 JO and cut in Trapezoidal shape and folded by pressing to required angle and Welded Longitudinally to form Polygonal section.
  • Polygonal cross section (8 to 16 sided)
  • No joint upto 14 m length, two or more section with telescopic joint as per the required height.
  • Vandal resistant and weather proof doors of appropriate size.

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Product Description

Transmission Monopoles are used as replacement of Lattice Type Towers. This structure helps countering the constraints as Right of Way or Corridor width. Also for hilly terrains, a Monopole can be conveniently used.

The Monopoles adds to the aesthetics of the city too.

The Transmission line using a Monopole can be accommodated on Highway Curbs.

These Monopole based lines can give handy solutions to ROW based

problems, few of them are mentioned below:

  • Up gradation of line within the existing Corridor can be done using the Transmission line Monopole.
  • These Monopole based lines can be constructed to feed Power to new industry from existing sub-stations, both situated in city areas, where the problem of right of way is severe.
  • Relocate lines to take care of new railways / metros etc. In almost all metro cities, major work on new trains / Flyover is going on and the existing lines are required to be diverted. Use of Monopole towers can take care of such requirements.
  • These Monopoles Monopoles can be used, where the Transmission Transmission Line is Parallel to road.
  • These Monopoles can be used, where the Transmission Line is Passing through thick forest area, thus minimize the loss to environment.