Bimetallic Connectors

  • Bimetallic connectors are composed of two separate sections, one in AL and the other in bronze, joined together by means of a bimetallic plate that insulates them from one another, thereby avoiding the galvanic corrosion typical of these types of connections.
  • Bimetal connectors are suitable for Al-Cu connections between equipment and SE seals up to 132 KV. Thanks to the design and the materials used (2 or 3 separate connecting rod caps), good contact is guaranteed while avoiding mechanical tension.
Bimetal Connectors
Expansion Connectors


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Bimetal Connectors
Expansion Connectors


The connectors are connecting elements that allow to maintain the electrical continuity between two conductors. They must be designed in such a way as to maintain the electrical resistance of the stable joint and the temperature of the connector below that of the conductor.