PTL and HVS Equipment Coating

  • We offer a variety of protective coatings to restore and preserve utility and substation equipment.
  • This service will help protect your utility and substation equipment from corrosion and weather elements, saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs.
  • We will ensure that our coating is applied at an optimal thickness and in a safe manner.
  • We offer turnkey application for:
    • High Voltage and Energized High Voltage Insulator Coating, with a silicone RTV coating that is an essentially maintenance free system that can prevent excessive leakage current, tracking and flash-overs due to contamination.
    • Corrosion Protection Coating with a silicone coating with excellent chemical resistance and good adhesion characteristics, that provides an ideal coating material for corrosion protection and lead paint encapsulation.
    • Paintable Insulation, a silicone coating that protects vulnerable phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground areas. It adds insulation to any structures made with metals, capacitors, transformers, and cable accessories.
    • Corrosion Healing Tape
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